Showing the Paso Fino

Thanks to his great versatility the Paso Fino is a horse who lets his rider shine inside and outside the show arena. To give Paso Fino owners and riders the opportunity to present them and their horses in a competitive environment and to demonstrate the ability, talent and versatility of their horses, the PFAE organizes and hosts at least one Paso Fino show per year.

The most important classes are the distinctive Paso Fino divisions Pleasure, Performance, Classic Fino and Country Pleasure. The focus of these classes lies on the different Paso Fino types with their ability to perform the typical lateral four-beat gait as clear, cadenced, rhythmic and smooth as possible.

Beside these divisions Paso Fino shows also feature dressage classes of various levels, classes for young horses, trail classes, three and four gaited classes requiring also walk, canter and trot beside the typical Paso Fino gait, versatility, Bella Formas (conformation classes), equitation evaluating the special harmony between horse and rider. Last but not least, there are special junior and sub-junior classes for young riders up to 18 years. In addition you can have your horse evaluated for its quality as breeding stock (quality of sire/dam).

All shows are judged by competent and professional judges either from the USA or Germany who have the necessary training, experience and qualification required to judge Paso Finos.

Since the fun and joy with our horses is as important for us as the competitive character, our shows also feature various fun classes such as barrel racing, fun-four-beat, copa de champán and the very popular costume class.

It is good to see that the popularity of the Paso Fino has been constantly growing and that more and more Paso Fino owners and riders make use of the opportunity to show their beautiful horses in a competitive environment. In the meantime there are also shows in other parts of Europe beside Germany, e.g. in the UK and in Switzerland, organized by the regional groups in cooperation with the PFAE.

We try our best to keep the number of entries up to be able to offer many exciting and interesting events where you can meet old and new friends.