Paso Finos for sale

The time has come – you have seen and ridden a Paso Fino and you are infected with the Paso Fino fever. You are now looking for a Paso Fino horse matching your needs and ambitions? The PFAE offers you a good overview of horses for sale on the internet. In addition you can always contact our PFAE members selling a horse, our breeders and the breeding delegate for more information.

It is always recommendable to check out as many horses as possible and also to ride as many as possible – in case you are looking for a horse that is already under saddle. Paso Finos vary considerably and there are great differences between individual horses depending on the horse’s unique talents. You will find anything from the comfortable and cool trail horse to the fiery and spectacular show horse. Even the ability to perform the typical Paso Fino gait can vary from horse to horse, the scope ranges from a naturally gaited horse to a spirited four-gaited Paso Fino with flashy movements. Nevertheless, each Paso Fino horse should show the typical four-beat gait, if the horse doesn’t gait the price should reflect this.

A word about prices: The price range for Paso Finos compares with other (more upscale) gaited horses. Foals and weanlings start at approximately Euro 3,500, horses under saddle depending on their training cost approximately between Euro 7,000 – 8,000, talented show horses and valuable breeding stock may cost considerably more. If you feel this is very expensive please remember that the purchase price of a horse is a one-time investment and relative compared with costs spent to maintain the horse if you want to have fun with a healthy and easy to ride horse for many years. The maintenance costs of horses with health problems or poor training are even higher compared to the costs of a sound and well trained horse which you will enjoy for many years without any restrictions.

When buying a foal or young, green horse you should not forget that on top of the supposedly cheaper purchase price you will have to pay the costs to raise the horse until it is old enough to be backed and the costs for starting it under saddle when the time has come. If you add these costs it may cheaper to buy a Paso Fino who has at least been properly started under saddle.

The idea to start and train your Paso Fino under saddle yourself may not always be so easy if you have no experience with the breed. Many Paso Finos need – likes most gaited horses – an experienced trainer at the beginning. Therefore, it will always pay off to invest money in a good basic training if you want to have a horse that easily gaits and is a pleasure to ride.

If you are uncertain about choosing the right Paso Fino you should seek advice from an experienced PFAE breeder or trainer. You should always ask for the horse’s certificate of registration to make sure that the horse is a pure-bred and fully registered Paso Fino. Otherwise you may have problems later on if you want to show the horse in competitions or breed it. Additional indicators with respect to the quality of a horse are the horse’s show records respectively the show records of his parents and the results of the Quality of Sire/Dam test. Especially if you want to breed with your Paso Fino you should check if your candidate or at least the sire and dam have passed this test.