Paso Fino’s Discovery day

Sunday morning, 21th February 2016, it’s the big day!! Today we go to the equestrian centre «Marolles’s horses» in order a dozen of young riders to discover what a paso fino is. Some stress at the beginning of this journey because if my stallion, Pasaporte, is used with this exercise it will be the first time for me with Bailarina my new mare. And it will be her first time in the trailer with my stallion!!

Everything is alright; horses are brilliant because we polished them a lot. We just have to put them in some paddocks, time for us to eat something quickly. Didn’t count on our Pasaporte (aka Passou) National Champion of the Mistake: he passed one hour cantering in the paddock, trying to show to Bailarina that he was an awesome and wild stallion. But the wild stallion sweated a lot so he decides to roll around in the field to dry himself. Disaster, we are just at 5 minutes to leave and my beautiful stallion looks like a big crust of mud: I dream I kill him ... We have no choice except put him in the trailer and pray that travel was as long as he could dry.


One hour later, we arrive. All the young riders are there, waiting for seeing these famous horses they were promised so much. Two stables are ready for us in the barn; let’s go for brushing....again! Everybody is waiting for the same thing: seeing pasos in action and most of all try them. I start by presenting Passou in liberty so I can show the breed standard and the 100% natural fourth gait. Then comes a short lesson con- cerning the tack and especially the bosal and his action. Passou is ready I can now ride him and show the different gaits. He makes a good job, working really well under the saddle. Now people wants only one thing: take my place!


It’s time to get Baila. Riders divide in 2 groups and during one hour each one discovers new sensations. That’s a real pleasure to see the famous «paso fino smile» on their faces. All wanted to ride more but we have to take care of horses: they had a big work’s day. To finish this friendly moment, Passou makes a little demonstration of all the things we learn together for the fun. Then it’s time to leave, promised we’ll come back ...


Article and photos by Julie Targat