Paso Fino Get-to-know weekend at Auenhof

During the autumn holidays we and our riding instructor Stephan Vierhaus spent a weekend with Alexandra Rau and her Paso Finos at the Auenhof. Our goal was to gain experience with the Paso Fino, until then a breed new to us, and learn more about the special way of riding them.

Even though we arrived late we were warmly greeted and could enjoy a typical Bavarian light meal. We had been very much looking forward to this weekend and were eagerly anticipating how we would get along with the Paso Finos. Until then we had seen Paso Finos only from afar and they always struck us as very spirited and extremely sensitive. Since we are used to more moderately spirited horses we were an- xious to see if we would be able to adequately handle the temperament of these horses. But our worries were not confirmed. Alexandra introduced her horses and showed some of them under saddle so that we could learn do distinguish between Trote, Trocha and four-beat gait. Then it was our turn to try and ride one of her Finos and two owned by Sarah Maier.

Contrary to our expectations it was a very relaxed experience and not at all complicated. Of course it was a bit of a challenge, the style of riding with a different seat and position of our hands was new for us. It was also new and felt a bit strange that the Paso Finos are usually not ridden with a low head position but are flexed. We are more used to riding our horses with a low head set and we never flex the horses. For most of us (with one exception) it was also the first time of riding a gaited horse because at home we take lessons on non- gaited horses. Of course we were very excited about this and were not disappointed.

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"At first I felt a bit uneasy in the saddle of the Fino mare. But as soon as I realized that riding her was not as complicated as I had thought I became more confident and started to have fun. I also liked how smooth the Finos were and how easy to ride.“

„Being able to ride these spirited Finos was much fun. And then all the nice and friendly people there - you simply had to enjoy being there.“

The Finos were very easy to ride and responded to even minimal commands. And we also had no problems to handle their temperament so that they did not get „hot“. The four-beat gait is extremely smooth and Trote and Trocha were also very comfortable to ride.

„The Finos really fascinated me. It was a terrific feeling to ride them and I also learned a lot about the breed and the various gaits. But I admit that the way of riding was unusual for me since I’m used to ride a horse with a very low head set and the flexing exercises were completely new.“

We are all very impressed by these horses.

„I already had the chance to try and ride different gaited horse breeds but Paso Finos are very special.“

Alexandra spent a lot of time to introduce us to the Paso Fino horses. The remainder of the weekend we watched the„Fino meets Garrocha“ clinic which showed how well the Paso Finos can handle new situations with a willing and responsive attitude. We spent a very interesting and educational weekend at Auenhof which was a huge success also because of the great hospitality of the Rau Family.

„I really enjoyed the weekend and it was great to ride the horses. The people there were very nice.“

„We felt very welcome all the time and learned a lot about a new breed and way of riding in a short amount of time.“

Report by Louisa Kückelmann, Photos taken by Isabel Steidle


Paso Fino Get-to-know Camp October 2016

The 2nd Paso Fino get-to-know camp took place on October 21st at the Auenhof. Again the Maier family lend two of their horses, Geronimo and Milli - many thanks for their generous support! Six young girls, all of them students at Gangpferde Vierhaus, travelled together with their riding instructor Stephan Vierhaus to the German South in order to learn more about the Paso Fino horse. Explanations about the breed in general, the demonstration of the various Paso Fino types and of course riding different Paso Finos and Paso gaited horses were all part of the program.
In the evening the indoor arena was turned into a „barbecue area“. While enjoying grilled bread and sausages the participants discussed about all things horse until deep into the night. And of course the girls camped up in the hayloft - directly above the horses. They shared their impressions and experiences in the separate article before. Many thanks to Sarah and the young participants. We are looking forward to the next camp!

Your Youth Team Sarah und Alex