Pasos y Pasion 2015

The first show organised by the Muelle-family and Team Flieden took place June 19th – 21st, 2015. Within a short time this small local show turned into a highlight for the Paso Finos and Paso Peruanos in June. The grounds of the Riding and Driving Club Flieden were turned into a Paso-centre. The good infrastructure, short distances, good catering, and the central location were just perfect.

Two stable tents with parking for trailers were available, a camping area and an area to set up paddocks, as well as quality hay, good bedding in the boxes. Thus participants and ponies were extremely happy. The organisation left nothing to be desired. Ellen Vierhaus and Nicolas Burgos served as judges. Daniel Sewing was invited as speaker, who moderated the show even trilingual. That was a very nice gesture, since it was the first time three Finos from France participated.
Altogether 33 Paso Finos started, six from Switzerland and three from Austria. The nine Paso Peruanos added to the South American air in Flieden. Some diligent writers were willing to describe the show-event from their perspective. Enjoy the reading and reminisce. And there is one thing participants and guests agree upon: Hopefully this was not the last time that “Pasos & Pasión” invited to Flieden.

Anja Diehl (riding with Terra and Juergen):
I have been riding for almost five years now with Terra and Juergen and I did have some lessons with Stan. Thus Terra suggested that I should participate in a show and she registered me for the show “Pasos & Pasión”. I participated in the Dressage A class and the Novice class. Although I was really nervous, Merlin and I did very well; 2nd in Dressage A and 3rd in the Novice class. As both of my classes were Saturday noon, I could watch many of the other classes (those were Juergen and Terra started) and also the fun classes in the evening. I enjoyed the event both as a rider and a spectator, thought the catering was really good and the moderator really funny. It was obvious that moderator, judges and even the helpers had fun.
It was the first show that I participated in as a rider, but I have watched two or three shows previously. But I had most fun on this show, maybe because I already knew some of the people (e.g. Kira, Helga and Rabea). Terra and Juergen even placed an article on the show and our placing in our local newspaper (Schaafheimer Zeitung). Our community was already introduced to the Paso Finos during last year’s local foxhunt. I really had a great day and I will always remember this entrance into the show-scene positively.

Claudia Krönert (Dressage friend from Christine):
Finally June 20th, 2015 had come and I had the honour to observe the Fino-show in Flieden. Having seen many pictures and heard many stories, I was really curious on such a show. For me as a typical “English Rider” this was like entering a foreign world. Already when reading the schedule I was lost. I had no understanding of the terms used and got more and more excited to learn what was behind the individual classes.
During the first class one could observe the cooperativeness among the riders, the casual atmosphere and an impressive willingness among the horses. After a short introduction to the dress code, I understood why who was wearing what. Nevertheless I was surprised how fast horses were excused from the class for disobedience. The horses, especially the schooling ones, really impressed me with their extreme willingness to perform, their elegance and composure. One could almost feel how they wanted to present themselves well and worked to bring out their best.
Really impressive, when the horses crossed the „cat-walk“ and remind us that they have more than three gaits ;-). But also the decorative equipment which supports the effect of easy riding is always surprising and very nice to watch. Not to forget the cutest ribbon ponies that completed the very positive overall impression. To sum it up: very outgoing people and a great horse breed; it is not just a hobby or a job, it certainly is an individual life-style.

Here the short version of our impressions. What does it mean, when Christine Griebel runs around with a bag of chips in one hand and a chip dripping with mayo in the other? Yes, … it’s show-time again. Nicolas, who’s humour lightened up the atmosphere. Britta and Gerd, who, together with their team, thought of everything to turn this show into a real success. The GREAT quality hay that was a real benefit compared to the last show (Britta confided to me how long it took her to find it.) Last but not least the Best of Traditional in Performance class with Britta and Amistad. Those two showed quite a performance and couldn’t stop smiling.

Ellen Vierhaus:
As a judge it is not up to me to comment something, except of course, that I always enjoy judging the South Americans and that the atmosphere of this show was very good and relaxed!

Lina Richter (Paso Peruano-Fan):
This friendship show was really something special to me. I own Paso Peruanos and entered with my 9 year old gelding Pablo TV. So far we only knew Paso Peruano-shows. Having Paso Finos there was quite an experience. The atmosphere was just great and everywhere were friendly helpful people. I felt well taken care off.
The “Paso Peruanos” classes were special, as they were conducted more like a workshop. Thus after every class our great judge Ellen Vierhaus gave us an extensive and honest feed-back. We even received suggestions for improvement during the first class, the Paso Llano Natural, and advice how to improve the score. The advice and suggestions were very well accepted and some even implemented immediately.
My personal highlight was our small quadrille that we designed in the morning, had a dry-run on foot and once with the horses. We performed it Saturday afternoon and had a lot of fun. The communication among the riders was great and also the horses, some of which had never participated in a Barrida before, behaved very well.
In between our classes, there was always enough time to watch the beautiful Paso Finos. Pablo thought the pitter-patter on the Fino-Strip was very exciting and scary at first. Now he is used to the “beat”, which gives a great advantage. The fun-classes on Saturday evening were also a very nice event, enhanced by Daniel Sewing as a really funny moderator.
My special thanks goes the Muelle-family, Ellen Vierhaus, the PFAE, the PPE and of course my tireless hard-working Pablo.

Yvi Tschischka:
There were really a lot of Pasos during the show, intended as a small local event, organized by Britta Mülle and her team Flieden. A lot of people and horses arrived for this weekend in lovely Flieden, many of which I knew. No reason to complain about the organization. Two large stable tents were set up; each box nicely bedded and served with a first ration of hay. The standpipe was close by, just as the dung pile, sparing long walks and water carrying. Catering for the two-legged attendants was also chosen well (us vegetarians didn’t have a broad selection, but as long as they serve chips, I am happy!) and the personnel was very friendly and couldn’t be unnerved with all the special requests. The show atmosphere was always relaxed; there were interesting conversations and exciting classes.
My personal highlight are always the fun classes! Copa de Champagne and Four-beat are always fun and the team-riding advances to my absolute favourite. Moderator Daniel Sewing added the special something to these classes with perfect comments.
To sum it up: It was a great show, I had lots of fun, and appreciated that both judges justified their placings comprehensibly and I was happy about the large number of participants. And just a few word for Britta and her team: You really set up a great show and did a very good job! You have my respects!

Nick Burgos:
Hello, I would like to give a big thank you to Britta and Gert for putting on a beautiful and magnificent show. The horses and exhibitors did a amazing show showing their horses. Even the weather didn't put a damper on the show. It was great to see all the spectators at the show watching and enjoying a wonderful show. They even stay Saturday night to watch the fun classes. A very special thank you to all who made this show a success. I would love to come back again and judge the pasos in Europe anytime.

France Marie und Julie Targat (France):
We really enjoyed this, our first Paso Fino show. We met very nice people and had a lot of fun. Now the plan is to practice more and return!

Jelena Mehlhorn (student from Katja Spies und owner of Bandolera):
Finally the day had come, after spending the morning in Katjas stable with my horse Bandolera, we set off for Flieden. Together with one of my friends and my family I looked forward to meet all the Paso Fino friends that I got to know in Augsburg early May. The weather was dry and sunny, the event somewhat smaller and well-known faces on our arrival brought a hearty welcome. This time I wouldn’t take the show air in from the saddle, but as a spectator and fan in first row.
Each horse and ride inspired me. Some of them sure and familiar, others uncertain in all this excitement, and also those, who unfortunately had to be excused from a class, all of them encourage me in working with Bandolera. I was especially curious about the upcoming fun-classes. As it had been wet and could, we had skipped those in Augsburg. And it was so cool! It was fascinating to see the familiarity between horse and rider and the warmth and enthusiasm between the participants; that was just catching. My friends and I will certainly try to ride as a team just connected by toilet paper or gait across the dressage area with a glass filled with water. Two wonderful days I was caught up with Katja and my friends. And I was just as excited as they were in the saddle. I look forward to next year, hopefully in Flieden again and then Bandolera and I will be part of it.

Sabine Klemm - Unexpected guests at the Flieden Show
Since I couldn’t attend any shows for the past two years, as I took care of those left behind on the farm, I was really happy to do both this year. I was among the spectators, sharing the excitement of the riders, was in the stable tent for last minute set ups or to brush up dusty (this year more often muddy) boots. I meet many friends again and made new ones. It was a very friendly and companionate atmosphere that drew up unexpected guests.
All over sudden a little calf came leapfrogging into the stable tent and thought everything was really exciting. First we tried to chase it into a paddock. But of course it didn’t like the fact of having a fence all-around. Within seconds the strand was torn and the calf ran around hectically between cars, trailers and horses. The Paso Finos remained surprisingly calm, although probably one or the other would have liked to join in the chase. Soon two young farmers rushed in, obviously embarrassed that their run-away ended up in the stable tent. After some unsuccessful attempts to manoeuvre the calf into a corner or a box, one of the blokes jumped the calf. For a short time they wrestled in the stable lane, with first one being on top and then the other. The second bloke manoeuvred the whole ravel in a box. Closing the door, getting the human out and bringing the tractor with the calf trailer in was easy then, although the rattling trailer was somewhat scary. Fortunately there were no injuries from bucking or rearing horses, wounds of the toreros have not been reported.
Thanks to the great organisation by Britta and Gerd Mülle it was a successful show altogether and the visit of the calf will be one of the episodes to make it into the history of Paso Fino shows.

Christine Griebel:
Meeting many lovely people again and making new Fino and Peruano friends was my highlight in Flieden. Yvi and I really enjoyed it (in spite of the not so great weather). But this problem has been solved also. Next time we look forward to a small tent next to the warm-up area, with George Clooney serving Nespresso coffee and warm blankets to wrap up in.
All the helpers did a great job and pushed hard to make it a perfect week-end. I was delighted about the nice wooden Paso Fino sculptures handed out for first prize. And of course the cute ribbon ponies provided by Conny Schneider. Jacinto was really impressed by the little horses.
The atmosphere was really good and especially Saturday evening with the fun-classes is just a must. In the meantime Yvi and I can hardly been beat in team-riding (and this is intended as an appeal to beat us … so dare us!) and sipping a glass of champagne in the saddle does add to it. But also the participation in the regular classes was good and the decisions by judges Ellen and Nick were well-reasoned and comprehensible. Therefore (and because it is not such a long drive from our stable …) I think it would be really good if there was a repeat of this “little” show. We certainly will be part of it.

Translated by Barbelin van der Smissen, Photos by Yvi Tschischka