1st Paso Fino Foxhunt in Schaafheim, Oct 18th, 2014

The weather gods were smiling upon us, after heavy rains the previous days, we had a clear blue sky for our first foxhunt. Everybody was really excited how it would go. We were welcomed with a glas of sparkling wine and received our memento (“hunting button”). Then we saddled up and met at the starting place. After a welcoming speech the bugles gave a serenade to officially announce the start.

Many spectators were waiting curiously, as we offered to introduce our breed with a small show before we went on the trail. Then the kick-off, Jürgen Töpper on Camino was the fox, Christine Griebel on Jacinto and Ivy Tschischka on Diosa where the whipper in, Britta Mülle on Amistad, Dagmar Martin on Jewel, Stan Paul on Martina, Johanna Paul on Macciavelli, Katja Spies on Sinaida, Terra Müller on Merlin, Nadine Zäh on Fenix und Martina on Pedro followed. We rode on wonderful soft forest trails that offered almost continuous gaiting.

After about 3km we had a short stop with the mandatory schnapps and bugles announcing our arrival. After about 7 km the 1st round was finished at the starting point and we had a coffee break before we started on the second trail. Another 6 km of great forest trails ended at the starting point again. Now the exciting part began. Who catches the fox brush? Jürgen with the fox brush and Camino gave their best to get away, but Stan was faster and caught, right before his wife, the fox brush, which Jürgen had just dropped.

After the final get-together accompanied by the bugles, we received an oak-twig. Then was the relaxing part with delicious food and beverages and talking shop before everybody went home. All agreed that this was great day and that it would be nice if they could participate again next year. The feed-back on our Paso Finos was really good, we are still asked about them.

By Terra Müller, translated by Barbelin van der Smissen
Photos by Christine Griebel (1) and Ana Rauschenberger