First „Äppelwoi-Ritt“ in Flieden

To avoid too much stress before our departure, we brought our horses from the pasture into the stalls already the evening before traveling. Perfect riding weather was forecasted for the day. Fresh but dry. When arriving at Britta’s and Gerd’s farm riders in good mood and warm drinks were waiting for us already. Finally all were ready.

Before we started our tour we got a little bit of (of course) apple wine. With Paso Finos, one Peruvian Paso and two Arabian horses was very harmonic as we were riding through the nice landscape.

Since it was raining a lot the days before there were some paths which we could not use, but also the alternative route was goo to ride on. At noon we had a break at an isolated farm. Busy helpers had already prepared everything for us: carrots for the horses, beverages, sandwiches and pretzels for the riders. On that day there was a quite cold wind so we didn’t prolong our break too much and we were happy when sitting on the horses again. Now our tour led us through open fields and we had a wonderful view to the low mountain range „Vogelsberg“ and „Rhön“.

After coming back to the farm where we started we got a welcome Cider and after that took care of our horses and gave them their well deserved hay. Before the riders got their lunch, they first had to absolve a trail in the indoor arena. In pairs – one being the horse (blindfolded) and the other one leading the reins – they had to go over the sounding board, to swerve around barrels, go over a mounting block and do serpentines. It is more difficult than one would expect! While Cheering and Laughing a winner was determined. And everybody got an engraved cup as a keepsake for this event.

All this followed by the culinary part of the day which also fulfilled all our wishes. Britta, Gerd, Johanna and Stan organised everything perfectly and made it a very nice day. We are already looking forward to the „second Äppelwoi-Ritt“ in Flieden.

By Dagmar Martin, translated by Barbelin van der Smissen
Photos by Yvi Tschischka