First Paso Fino Breeding Workshop

On March 2, a small group of happy Paso Fino Breeders and those interested met for the first Paso Fino Breeding workshop on the Swiss Paso Fino Farm in Schocherswil. Freezing outside temperatures were soon forgotten in the warm clubroom when Claudia Greb, together with Claudia Metting, introduced us to the breeding aim of the Paso Finos und the subsequent evaluating of the conformation.

Supported by a PowerPoint presentation they showed various examples to visualize the breeding standards. Thereby Claudia Greb focused on the countries of origin, whereas Claudia Metting explained the standards from the European point of view. This combination provided a very encompassing overview. The stepwise presentation of individual breeding ideals contributed to that. The basic criteria for evaluating the confirmation were thus presented rather clearly and the traits illustrated which distinguish the Paso Finos from other breeds.

Especially the fact that all Paso Finos bred in Germany may only receive their papers from German breeding associations requires that the differences are emphasized, as the Paso Fino is not well known among the breeding associations. Therefore such workshops shall help to train more spokespersons for the breed. These spokespersons can act as adviser for the judges of the respective state breeding associations during stallion licensing or mare or foal evaluations by providing their specific knowledge on Paso Finos.

After a homely lunch everybody went outside. In small groups the participants evaluated various mares of the Swiss Paso Fino Farm with their newly acquired knowledge. All group results were then presented, discussed and complemented with additional information from the two Claudias. Directly applying the theoretical knowledge helped to tie down and deepen what was just learned. Concluding this exercise Claudia Greb presented the mares and gave an introduction in evaluating the gaites.

By then the participants were about to turn into icicles and the group returned to the cosy clubroom. The fascinating and informative day ended with coffee, cake and many interesting conversations. All participants agreed: this was a great workshop with hopefully many to follow; recommendable not only for the future breed spokespersons, but for all interested in Paso Finos. Many thanks to Claudia and Daniel Greb and their support in the background and to Claudia Metting, for making this breeding workshop possible. We look forward to the second Paso Fino breeding workshop. 

Report by Sarah Maier, translation by Barbelin van der Smissen, photo by Claudia Metting