Equitana 2013

Oh my God, am I getting a bath? It is freezing outside! What crazy idea does my human have this time? At least the water is warm, thanks very much ... and now the blowing monster is coming to get me dry ... I have no idea what we are about to do this time.

Ah, I see other horses there but the atmosphere is very exciting. And everywhere are people, cars, noise, big houses ... puh. The only good thing is that my human is so relaxed. I will just follow her, she usually knows pretty well what she wants. In the barn there is water everywhere, my stall is flooded, super! Our humans work and try to get our stalls dry, that‘s nice.

Now the show is about to start, I and my neighbors are super clean. Let‘s see what‘s happening now. I‘m so nervous. Everything here is so different and exciting. I have never seen so many people. First we have to cross the traffic lights, passing a great many people with shopping bags. It‘s a weird trail ride between all these cars, trailers, carriages and other horses. Now we are in the warm up arena! That`s „Kenzie“ with Ostwind, Claudia says. And there are a lot of white horses running free, but they are not totally free, a person is leading them - the famous „Lorenzo“, they say! Fascinating.

Hey, there are a lot of other horses walking like us. Tölt, they call it. Wow, I can see Rocky Mountain Horses, Missouri Fox Trotter, Tennessee Walking Horses ... and we are entering the arena with them. I‘m very impressed by the big arena with its huge video screen, wow!

I think we are looking pretty good, three white Paso Fino horses: Stan with Paloma, Johanna or Britta with Brujula and Claudia with me. We are in a good mood and the voice of Stephan Vierhaus booms enthusiastic through the speakers. Paloma is the fastest horse, even faster than the big gaited horses. Our humans are meeting once in a while at the IGV booth or they go to have lunch together. They are in a good mood and enjoy the presentations. Amazing how they are not bothered at all by all the noise and masses of people and everything! It‘s very exciting for us horses and exhausting, too, with all these unfamiliar impressions. Because of the stress, I‘m not that hungry anymore. And my stomach hurts a little. Some of the other show horses seem to feel the same. Covered with blankets to keep us clean, we try to get some rest. Late at night the superstars like the white horses of Lorenzo, boarded next to us, enter the arena for their show. It‘s difficult to rest and sleep. With all this excitement around, I hope we can go home soon.

Hi buddies, I‘m back home! You have no idea what I saw during my trip! But now, all I want to do is have a good roll, eat some grass. Feel the wind in my mane and the sun on my back! Who knows what might be coming next. I think I‘m a little excited to head out with my human again and have another adventure. Let`s see. See you!

Report by „Tomaria’s Excelencia“, photos by Ellen Vierhaus