Small events cast large shadows ahead

We were very excited and worked hard from day to day to achieve our goal the second Open House at Paso Finos del Baltico. This year we wanted to attract our guests with an even better show even more beautiful sights and even more entertainment under the spell of our Paso Finos.

Finally, we have also built the long Finostrip that we so desperately needed. The area around the breed advertising was created and designed by our daughter Laura Ott. Our son Maximilian Ott took on the role of the photographer for our event. We say thank you very much to our humanitarian offspring.

Professional Trainer Stan Paul gave us the equestrian support. Stan was for a whole week with us. Unobtrusive and always there when he was needed and super fit in all matters relating to the training of the Paso Finos. Thank you Stan!
To our greatest pleasure our Fino friends from the UK, Sandy Burnfield and Sarah Johns, found their way on Friday to us. They were actively involved in the event and Sarah became part of the show on Sunday. Thank you so much! The PFAE chairman Gerd Mülle also landed on Friday in Dublin at the new terminal two. Yes, in Ireland they have actually managed to finish the new terminal ;-). We were glad that Gerd has come, considering that on Saturday, the first general meeting of the PFAE Irish / UK was going to take place. On Saturday Elke Christoff (representing Cochise Stud Ireland) found her way to us. My input level was quite high in positivity. Elke spontaneously offered her help for Sunday. Secretly I was wondering how I would manage to ride a horse and serve coffee and muffins at the same time.
On Sunday afternoon our Fino friend from the UK Yvonne Bowen joined us as well as Peter Everett from the beautiful Co. Kerry /Ireland. Thank you for your visit!

Finally it was time. Our terrace, directly adjacent to our round pen and the sounding board, was the meeting place for the visitors. Elke took care of the physical well-being of our guests and enthusiastically served coffee and muffins. Everything worked well. The event was scheduled from 3-5pm. Suitable for the Irish time management; we were then able to start our little show at 4.15pm. Laura hosted the entire event. After the first few sentences the excitement was gone and she managed not to confuse her presentation cards ;-) She delivered very well. Good job!

The important equestrian part went very well. We only had a tiny disagreement, when I almost lost Sarahs hand during our presentation as a team. Barrida, figure eight, reverse, sounding board and all other elements went really well. The Finos looked proper and elegant and very shiny and super beautiful and fascinating and ....... so on and so forth.

We have made it our target to emphasize quality, durability and performance of Finos by showing our oldies. This year, Boo was our star. As an integral part of the show and also as a comparison of the riding horse before and after the show. Sarah showed how exuberant the gallop across a field with 23 years of age may still be. When presenting with the daughter of Boo, Electra del Baltico as hand horse, they showed and convinced with an elegant appearance and harmony.

Showing an in Ireland still so unknown horse breed of course, raises a lot of questions from the public. Stan was happy to answer any questions asked with as much detail and clarity as possible. Perfectly done! The test ride was the end of our event. After all everybody should have the chance to personally experience the Paso Fino as we have described the horse.
For Yvonne Croke, the Chairman of Endurance Ireland, we have granted a little excursion on one of our horses Mercedes across one of our fields. Here too, positive surprise on the vibration-free gait and beauty of Finos.

We have a mission in which we work tirelessly. It is the spread of Finos in Ireland and the UK and enforcing the Association of Fino lovers in Ireland and UK. We appreciate any support that serves this endeavour.

Report by Marina Ott, photographs by Max Ott