South American Gaited Horses in Northern Germany- June 2013

Kaja Stührenberg invited to the Meeting of South American Gaited Horses on the Waldhof farm owned by Mira and Maud Mackenroth in Hanstedt- Ollsen. Quite a number of riders with their horses followed that invitation: a total of 17 “South Americans”: 1 Aegidieberg Horse, 1 Criollo, 2 Paso Peruanos, 3 Paso Finos, 4 Paso Iberoamericano and 6 Mangalarge Marchadores!

The meeting started late morning Saturday with a relaxed meet and greet. While weather and atmosphere were great, new contacts were made and old ones renewed while chatting and laughing. At 1 o’clock in the afternoon we split up in two groups and went off into the fantastic countryside most suitable for riding. Here also horses and rides were in a great mood and relaxed and not even attacks from deer flies could change that. After some two hours the horses were returned to their well-prepared stalls or paddocks and the riders continued chatting on the balcony of the club room with tasty cake in bright sunshine.

Next on the agenda was the „show your horse“, introducing the individual breeds to the by now numerous guests and spectators. As always Kaja presented this show very competent and funny, at times sitting on her horse. Rather impressive was to see her favourite horse, Batisma vom Kreifswald, a 16-year old Lusitano-MM-mare, showing smooth transitions from piaffe to toelt.

The Paso Finos were represented by Annika Diekmann with Septima de Monte, Tina Schumacher and her Quinta de Monte beautifully on the long reins, and Ophelia del Gavilan in the typical Paso Fino show gear. During the „copa de champan“ afterwards Tina on Quinta proved that a filled champagne glass is most successfully served on a Paso Fino and beat Dagmar Betz with her MM mare. The wonderful day ended at the campfire with a most tasty grilled wild boar suckling pig and great side dishes and in high spirits.

Sunday offered games for the riders such as a catalogue race, horseshoe throwing, gurgling songs, toilette-paper trail, a quiz on gaited horses and a closing trail ride with an exciting water crossing. Conclusion: a successful week-end all around with great fun in a wonderful setting and relaxed atmosphere and many nice people!

Report by Carolina Rathgens, translation by Barbelin van der Smissen
Photographs by Dagbar Betz and Thorsten Ruthof