Paso Fino Baby Bingo 2017

The days are getting longer, spring seems to be just around the corner and some of our Paso Fino mares is not so much in shape anymore. Just like in the previous years we have put together some exciting pairings with new horses and interesting colour combinations for the 2017 Baby Bingo.

Many thanks to our Paso Fino breeders for sharing these combinations with us!!!

Download Baby Bingo 2017 Form (PDF)

Here are the rules:  You have to guess both gender and colour of the resulting foal from 10 pairings.

Just fill in the form and email it until April 24, 2017 the latest to Florian Wolf (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

We are looking forward to your entries and are of course very excited about the 2017 Paso Fino foals.

As it is tradition by now, the winner will be announced during the annual general meeting in November this year.