European Paso Fino Cup – Hünfeld 2016

Sun, Sounding Bord and Ribbons

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The European Paso Fino Cup took place from June 24 to 26 at the venue of the Reitverein Hünfeld near Fulda (Germany). 35 horses were entered to compete in 27 classes. The participants spared no efforts and travelled even so far as from France, Austria, The Netherlands and Switzerland. Anna Eschner (Germany) and Nick Burgos (USA) were the judges for the competition. They took the time to explain their decision after each class. Sebastian Frisch did a great job as usual with his expert announcing and commenting and also entertaining the spectators. On Saturday evening we had a big party with the barrida of all horses, some fun classes and even a fantastic cocktail bar and DJ, organized by the Reitverein Hünfeld.

Even though the weather was not all the time cooperating the EPFC was a fantastic Event. Our heartfelt thanks to the Reitverein Hünfeld who was a very helpful host and let us use its beautiful venue and also took care of all the catering for both humans and horses.
And now we can only say: after the show is before the show, the season has just begun.


All results are available here for download (PDF).

Many photos from the show can be seen on the PFAE Facebook page.