Isi & Fino at Lechleite 2015 - a quick report

Day 1: The first day of the show at Lechleite was impressive with a remarkably high number of youth riders who did a great job presenting their horses. A horse worth mentioning is the young Trocha stallion Tabu de San Carlos owned by Alex Rau. A stunning horse which we hopefully will see more of in the future.

Also worth mentioning is the weather - it must have been one of the most rainiest days ever. But the Paso Fino riders are well prepared as usual and we got to see some very creative and waterproof costumes. And we also found a pair of warm socks for our judge Ellen Perez. Greetings to all who had to stay at home and we are looking forward to tomorrow.

Day 2: The second day was actually almost without rain which boosted everyones spirits a great deal. Our horses conquered the hearts of many spectators, either with their great performance during classes or some "special tasks" beside the usual show routine. When one of the Icelandic horses got lose and took off it was the bold and courageous action of one of the Paso Fino riders who brought home the little escapee - after a trip through half of the county!
The evening show saw horses of both breeds together in our fun classes and after the classes some Paso Fino riders were seen riding unusually small and hairy horses. And since the Latinos know how to have a good time the showground turned into one big party with music and dancing. Everyone who was not there has surely missed a lot!

Day 3: The third and last day at Lechleite brought more pleasant memories. Because it started to rain again the indoor arena was quickly cleared of all tables and chairs and the two "Paso Fino Best of Traditional" classes could be held under a roof. First the winners from each Country Pleasure class had their turn and we had a surprise entry: Diosa del Rio was shown by one of the Lechleite owners - Veronika Frisch - and won the class, experienced Country Pleasure horse that she was. We even overheard discussing sales prices during the show so it's probably only a matter of time until a Paso Fino will move in at Lechleite. In return, Christine Griebel as Diosas owner got the chance to ride Kári, Lechleite's breeding stallion. In the Best of Pleasure class we got to see five first class Pleasure horses. The class was won by Britta Mülle with her Brujula (also winner of the four-beat class on the previous evening) who did not miss a single beat.
The last but not least class for us was the 3 out of 5 class together with the Icelandics, where one had to show 3 different gaits out of 5 possible ones. Alexandra Rau lead the preselection already and her gelding Campino did not let her down and won the class, much to the surprise of the Icelandic riders. The judges did not put their emphasize on spectacular gaits but a clear four-beat gait and a willing and supple horse. With this Alexandra Rau won both mixed classes, she and Campino also won first place in the trail class. Congratulations to this huge success.

Download: Results (PDF)

Many photos from the show can be seen on our Facebook page.