Clinic at Birkenhof: IGV Riding Badges

From March 29th to April 4th we will organize a clinic with an exam at the end, where you can get different kinds of riding badges (all of them approved by the FN Germany). Because it was always difficult for Paso Fino riders to take part in this kind of clinic (IGV) and to pass the exam, I did my very best to get the permission from the IGV (FN associated) to swap the regular Four Gait class for a traditionell (Paso Fino) class. I also received permission to judge the exam.

The clinic will be held by Ruth Schmidt, Trainer B of the IPZV (Icelandic Horse Association in Germany) and me, Trainer B of the IGV (International Gaited Horse Association). You can choose between the following badges:

Riding Badge, Bronze or Silver (IGV)
Small or Big Gaited Horse (IGV)

If you are interested in the „Riding Badge Bronze" you need to have the German „Basispass“ first. The exam consists of a Four Gait class (or as alternative a traditional Paso Fino class such as Country Pleasure, Pleasure or Performance), a dressage class with trot and galopp, a trail ride or trail class and another class/test "Signalreitaufgabe". In order to receive the „Riding Badge Silver“ you first have to have the „Riding Badge Bronze“. If you have both received the Bronze and Silver Badge you can then attend the clinic to become a certified Trainer C (1st Level) for Gaited Horses.

The Motivation Badges can be accomplished without the „Basispass“. To get the „Small or Big Gaited Horse“ you have to show your horse in gait, changes from gait to walk, and so on. The judge also will want to see some elements of groundwork and handling and grooming of the horse.

If you are not sure which badge would be the right one for you and your horse, feel free to ask. Our clinic will last for 6 days. The exam is at the 7th day. There are three judges. The horses have to be in the right condition for the clinic. For the dressage part we do have a few lesson horses you can borrow. The clinic costs 350,- Euro, the exam another 100,- Euro. We do have stalls available for guest horses. If you need a place to stay we can give you addresses of hotels nearby.

Hopefully we were able to raise your interest. Because it was a lot of work to make this possible it would be nice to see now some Paso Fino riders in the clinic! And maybe this is also your first step to get your Trainer license in Germany (DSB).

Of course you can take part in the clinic without taking an exam at the end but the number of riders is limited, so don't wait too long and let me know if you want to take part. And for those that can not take part around the easter holidays, there will be another clinic in fall (October 18th to 24th).

Best wishes,
Claudia Metting (Trainer B IGV)
Gangpferde Birkenhof, e-Mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.