Calendar of Events

Here you will find a summary of events (not only) for Paso Finos. There will be something suitable for every taste and interest.

For Paso Fino newcomers our breed displays and presentations at equine expos and fairs and also open house days at farms and studs are a great opportunity to get in contact with Paso Fino owners and breeders, learn about the breed and also try a Paso Fino.

For expanding your knowledge about horses in general and the Paso Fino breed in particular and refining your own riding skills we offer a big number of clinics. Youth riders can attend youth camps and spend weeks filled with fun and laughter while learning how to ride a Paso Fino.

All those who prefer to enjoy their Paso Fino horse on trail rides or who love mounted games, will find chances to do so at Cabalgatas (sanctioned trail rides), endurance rides or Gymkhanas.

For show riders the PFAE shows for Paso Finos and their close relatives, the Trochadores and Trotones Galoperos only offer a wide range of classes where the horses can be shown, no matter what type of gait they show. In addition to that, the IGV CUP shows, hosted by the International Gaited Horse Association, offer also classes especially for the Paso Finos as well as open classes where the Paso Finos can be shown, too.