Pasaporte de Paso Largo  

2006, Grey, Pleasure
PFAE Quality of Sire/Dam -
Licensing - / Perfomance test -
Location: F-61160 Trun

Sire: Petrolero del Juncal (Postin x Contrasena del Juncal)
Dam: Jacaranda de Casta (Capuchino x Leyenda la Joya)

Pasaporte is a young and beautiful roan stallion which will turn on grey. He has a correct conformation and a natural four-beat gait. He has the “look at me” attitude and is very respectful. He is a perfect pleasure horse because he fears nothings and is always willing to please.

His sire Petrolero del Juncal was two times on the PFHA Top Ten sires list.


Contact: Paso Fino del Oro, Julie & Fabrice Targat
Phone +33 666 26 65 18
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