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The different types


The Paso Fino is divided into three different types based on the show divisions used by the PFHA, Inc. (USA) and the horse’s individual talent and movements, making the horse suitable for different usages. When choosing the right type a rider should be aware of his or her personal preferences and riding skills and have a clear idea of what he or she would like to do with the horse.

The Pleasure Horse

The gaits performed are mildly collected Corto, mildly-collected Largo, and flat-footed Walk. Pleasure gaits are executed with mild collection, moderate extension, style, and willingness. The horse’s head carriage is natural and relaxed. The gaits should be fluid showing no tendency to labor or become "strung out" Manners and obedience of the horse are particularly important. The horse should be controlled with minimal restraint and the rider should appear to be enjoying themselves. Thanks to their friendly and gentle disposition Pleasure horses are uncomplicated and easy equine partners under saddle and in daily handling.

The Performance Horse

The gaits performed are collected Corto, collected Largo, and collected Walk. Performance gaits are executed with brilliant style, and collection. The horse is collected, fully balanced and exhibiting symmetry in flexion and extension. The extension is longer and the footfall not as rapid as shown in the Classic Fino gait. The horse should demonstrate pride, style, elegance and enthusiasm, along with good manners and ready response. The Performance type is highly suitable for the experienced rider who loves spirited horses with lots of power.

The Classic Fino Horse

The only gait performed is the Classic Fino gait. Gait is fully collected, with very slow forward speed, very rapid footfall and stride is exceedingly short. The Classic Fino gait is an evenly spaced, four-beat lateral gait that is smooth, animated, exciting and executed with brilliance and style. Flexion and extension should be harmonious in all four legs. The horse must present a picture of symmetry and fluidness of motion. The horse must perform this highly collected form of the gait naturally and willingly.
Paso Finos of this type are very popular as show horses in the USA and Latin-America. Nothings holds the crowd on their seats when these horses perform the shortest reverses and tap-dance across the Fino Strip or sounding board (a long wooden strip to hear if the horses are in gait or not). The rapid footfall reminding of the sound of Spanish snappers and the sheer beauty of these horses are so fascinating that it can hardly be described by words. Since only a very small percentage of Paso Fino offspring has the natural abilities to compete successfully in Classic Fino divisions these horses are quite expensive.